About Us

Axe.Fit will change your life.  As the health and fitness industry grows we want to provide a safe and healthy training environment for our community.

For the majority of the population being able to perform exercises and sticking to a healthy nutritional routine is hard. That's where Axe.Fit comes in. We want to help educate you to be the best  version of yourself mentally and physically by ensuring you are not  only are getting a awesome workout but understand what you are doing and why.  

We want to make presonal training affordable.  We know people want 1 on 1 PT sessions but can't afford this 3-4 times a week. AxeFit provides small group personal training (SGPT) meaning you can get PT 3 times per week.  Axe.Fit SGPT classes are capped at 8 people per class to ensure you get some one on one time.